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Inbound Boulder is not your average web design company. Instead of delivering cookie cutter designs and templates like most agencies, we make sure every new website we develop is utilizing and implementing the latest guidelines and best practices for web development, hosting, mobile viewing, user experience (UX) and search engine optimization.

When developing a new website, we like to utilize frameworks and content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, Magento and others depending on the type of site your business needs.


Our Web Design Services and Process

Website hosting and setup

Website Hosting and Setup

Having the right server to host your website is often the most overlooked aspect of web development. Hosting plays a huge role in user experience (UX) and can greatly impact your presence and rankings in search engines. We’ll install your new website on your current or new hosting plan.

Content management system integration

Content Management System Integration

The most productive and cost-effective way to manage a website is through the use of a content management system (CMS). The most popular CMS by far for local businesses and personal websites is WordPress. All of the websites we develop come with and utilize a content management system.

Mobile responsive website design

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Design

We develop every new website to be considered “mobile-friendly” by both search engines and mobile browsers. This means your website will perform and look optimized for each type of screen size your website visitor may be using, from smartphones to tablets to desktop.

Web design and graphical elements

Web Design and Graphic Design Elements

Depending on your needs, we can implement your current graphics and logo or we can provide the graphic design to create them for you. We can design any graphics and images you may need in order to make your website stand out and engage website visitors.

Custom website design

Custom Website Development and Coding

Our skilled web developers and designers are ready to create a custom website for you. We can make a new website from scratch or utilize a premium theme that matches your needs and customize it to make it unique. We can also take on contract jobs for any code changes or maintenance your existing website may need.

Ecommerce website design and development

Ecommerce Website Design

There’s a plethora of ecommerce stores out there on the internet that are bogged down with code, not update to date with security and designs that are based on outdated templates you’ve seen a hundred times. We help you cut through the clutter and deliver top-notch ecommerce websites that are built on top platforms such as WordPress (WooCommerce) and Magento.

Resume web design creation

Résumé Websites

Establishing a unique and professional online image is crucial for surviving and thriving in today’s job marketplace. We’ll make sure you’re properly represented online with a professional website to display your skills and experience. Inbound Boulder is a proud member of both the University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association and Naropa University Alumni Association.

Website software tools

Website Performance Tracking Software Integration

After your website is developed it’s important to measure it’s performance with visitors and search engines. That is why we help clients integrate and setup software and website tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, heatmap software and more.

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