Video Marketing

The Key To Going Viral

Anyone with a smartphone and a computer can create a video. But how can you take that video and turn it into cash? By using the latest marketing research and techniques that have been proven to give your videos the competitive edge. Here at Inbound Boulder, not only do we provide top-notch video production services for businesses, we follow it up with the best video marketing practices that have been proven to work and drive targeted visitors.


Video marketing services by Inbound Boulder


Our Video Marketing Services Include:

YouTube video marketing SEO

YouTube Marketing & Optimization

With over a billion visitors per month, YouTube is definitely the “king” of all video websites (more stats). On top of that, YouTube videos rank really well in search engines. So from keyword research, geographic targeting, title creation, and secret YouTube ninja techniques, we’ll help your next video go viral!

Self-hosted video optimization

Self-Hosted Video SEO

Take control of your video marketing campaigns by hosting videos on your own site. From the best hosting platforms, video formats, markup, video sitemaps, and the latest marketing techniques, we’ll give you the blueprint for getting the most out of your website’s videos.

Are you interested in improving your video marketing?

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