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The Best Thing in Digital Marketing is Still SEO

SEO services Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is the process of ranking higher and “optimizing” your presence on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The SEO process has evolved rapidly over the past few years, but the main objective remains, generate more free traffic to your website through search engines. The “Big 3” search websites (especially Google) are constantly improving their algorithms in an attempt to move towards quality results and away from spam websites using “blackhat” link building and SEO techniques. Instead, SEO is constantly evolving, and only “whitehat” techniques like building a brand and earning links (not building links) will survive in the SEO of the future. Here at Authority Networks®, we manually work with websites and companies to build your brand and do not participate in any link building schemes or automated processes.
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Keyword research for SEO

Keyword Research & Niche Targeting

We’ll perform a complete keyword analysis of your competition and industry niche as well as research all of the possible keyword and long-tail keyword opportunities.
On-page optimization

On-Page Optimization

We carefully analyze each and every page of your website and properly optimize them for your target keywords. In addition to optimizing for keywords, we carefully go through your code and make sure you don’t have any errors and show up properly for all the major internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. Schema markup and social media integration is available when necessary as well.
Link earning, not link building

Link Building (Link Earning)

While we don’t pursue links for the sake of building links, you will gain some new links over the life of your SEO campaign with us. The difference is, they will be 100% earned through legitimate (“whitehat”) brand building methods. All of our outreach is done by a member of the Inbound Boulder team and they specifically target popular and authoritative blogs, websites, and businesses inside your industry.
Penalty removal and link cleanup

Search Engine Penalty Removal and Recovery

In some cases, the link building and content creation tactics of certain SEO companies have landed their clients in the penalty box with search engines like Google with either a manual or algorithm penalty. We carefully analyze your website (on-page and off-site) to identify any potential problems that might violate Google’s guidelines and pursue the removal of these issues.
Ecommerce optimization for SEO

Ecommerce SEO

An ecommerce website that is fully optimized for search engines with all of the proper on-page SEO, social media integration, and schema markup data has the potential to dominate their niche. We make sure your ecommerce store is up-to-date with all of the latest industry standards and maximize your product’s exposure in search engines.
Video SEO and YouTube

Video SEO and/or YouTube Optimization

Video optimization is a great way to capture new traffic. Whether or not you put out one per year or a video every single day (on your own site or on YouTube), having the proper optimization techniques in place for your videos is crucial to having a successful SEO campaign.
SEO training and SEO seminars

SEO Training and Seminars

Interested in learning more about search engine optimization? Whether you just want to brush up on your knowledge or learn some new skills, we provide occasional local Meetups, classes, and seminars.
SEO and website traffic reporting

Custom SEO and Website Traffic Reporting

Throughout your campaign we will provide detailed Google Analytics reports as well as other SEO data to track the progress of your SEO campaign. We can also provide additional website reporting like heatmaps, social media monitoring, competitor tracking, and many more depending on your needs.

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