On-Page Optimization

What Are the On-Page Factors That Search Engines Look For?

On-page website optimization strategy The first thing we do when we start working with a new website for SEO is assess any on-page optimization errors that might need to be fixed. Why? Because depending on how a website was and is coded, greatly impacts the results of any internet marketing campaigns you plan to pursue. If your website is full of bloated code, coding errors, and/or design issues, it will be hard for both search engines and visitors to assign your website any real value.


How We Fix Your On-Page SEO

Below is a sampling of the list of factors we analyze on your website:



The format of your website’s URLs is very important and believe it or not, search engines do have a preference. Google announced back in 2005 that dashes separating keywords are the preferred URL structure for websites, over underscores and anything else.

  1. Wrong: http://www.example.com/Page?id=23543
  2. Wrong: http://www.example.com/Page_Name_Here
  3. Correct: http://www.example.com/page-name-here


Meta Tags

Meta tags have greatly expanded over the past few years with the rise of social media. While some old tags like Meta Keywords have been devalued, there has been great advancements with new social media meta data and tags like Twitter Cards, Google Snippets, Pinterest Rich Pins, Facebook Open Graph, and even Schema.org microdata.


Website Content

Having high quality content is one of the most important on-page SEO factors according to Google. High quality content coupled with SEO best practices, will give your website the competitive advantage that it needs to compete in your industry. We’ll meticulously go through your site and make sure you are abiding by Google’s quality guidelines and aren’t being hit by any duplicate content or Panda algorithm penalties.


Keyword Placement

Another very important part of having high quality content is having your target keywords and/or phrases included throughout the page. This is not to be confused with keyword stuffing, which is an outdated spam tactic originally designed to manipulate search engines. We have experienced writers and editors that will have your main keywords seamlessly included in your high quality content that will be 100% original and designed to target your end user and have them convert, not manipulate search engines with unnecessary keywords.


Internal and External Links

It’s very important to have included in your website content links to other pages on your website, as well as other pages on your website. There is a certain way to do it that provides maximum value to both search engines and your website visitors. We’ll analyze each page of your website and determine if there are some missing link opportunities that we can use.

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