Google Ads Management

Services Include:

Keyword Research

We conduct a complete analysis of your business and research all of the related keywords and long-tail terms people are searching to find businesses related to your niche.

Pay-per-Click Ad Creation

Our paid search marketing experts and graphic designers will create compelling textual and display ads to grab the searchers attention and click through to your site.

Cost-per-Click Optimization

If not done correctly, pay-per-click advertising can get expensive. That’s why we carefully monitor your ads to make sure they are generating the maximum return on investment possible.


Geo-targeting is crucial for local businesses who are trying to reach searchers from a particular geographic location. We’ll specifically target those users who will bring you business.

Conversion Tracking

At the end of the day it’s all about conversions. We track the visitors who came from your ads and determine who actually converted to being paying customers.

Advertisement ROI Analysis

Every month we collect and analyze all of the data from your pay-per-click campaign and use it to make any necessary adjustments to maximize your ROI.